Monday, February 01, 2021

A Reading Recommendation: "The Christian on the Mount" by Thomas Watson

Thomas Watson is a master theologian and writer. Naturally, there is the need to look beyond the more egregious aspects of his Puritan theology but as to the substance of his materials very few authors can write with such depth in a short amount of space - and for me, Watson is like nearly gold in every line, imho. His treatise "The Christian on the Mount" was published in 1660 and remains a great and practical read on the subject of Christian meditation. There are a couple of electronic versions of this work online, and there are print options as well. Just search for it. 

Original book title: "The Christian on the Mount; or a Treatise concerning Meditation; wherein the necessity, usefulness, and excellency of Meditation are at large discussed." (You just gotta love them long titles - it was the style back then).

Table of Contents:

  1. The Proposition Asserted
  2. The Nature of Meditation
  3. Meditation is a Duty
  4. How Meditation Differs from Memory
  5. How Meditation Differs from Study
  6. The Subjects of Meditation
  7. The Necessity of Meditation
  8. Reason Why So Few Godly Christians
  9. Use of Reproof
  10. Use of Exhortation
  11. Objections Answered
  12. Concerning Occasional Meditations
  13. The Most Fitting Time for Meditation
  14. How Long Christians Should Mediate
  15. The Usefulness of Meditation
  16. The Excellence of Meditation
  17. Divine Motives to Meditation
  18. Rules Concerning Meditation