Friday, January 29, 2016

A Blast from the Not so Distant Past: eBook Recommendations after reading Vol. 1 of the Sword and the Trowel Magazine

     Spurgeon edited a magazine called “The Sword and the Trowel” (S&T). It’s publication began in 1865, and in it contains biographical insights into the life of Spurgeon, the happenings and activities which were done in the church (Metropolitan Tabernacle), the orphanage, and the college. There were regular reports about various ministries such as missions, prayer meetings, colportage work, etc. Of course, each month highlighted a sermon, and one or two Gospel tracts or presentation, a scathing reply to sarcastic publicity from ignorant, perhaps even, devilish papers and rumors. But the one aspect of the magazine that I really enjoyed was the review section. The S&T highlighted useful books, and also took time to expose books and tracts that did not meet their standards or gained their approval. The reviews are short but insightful. The S&T edition that I was able to read through is Volume 1 (Years 1865, 1866, and 1867). I would highly recommend any Sprugeon enthusiast to take the time and read the S&T magazine. It has so many interesting stories, prose, poetry, articles, reports, and reviews that is sure to captivate your heart.

     I said all that to say this: After reading vol. 1, I have selected some titles that I thought were interesting books or articles that the S&T magazine recommended for their readers in their review section. I looked up the titles on Google Books, and lo and behold, they are, in fact, available as free downloads via Google Books (thank you, Google, and huge, huge, score for Google Books, here). What a pleasant surprise! What a blessing! This is amazing. Well, onto my small, and obscure, but delightful, and helpful selections. This listing is made in simple alphabetical format. This is just a random listing. If you haven’t already, you should, download Google Books, and check out these titles:

1. Daemonologia Sacra, or A Treatise of Satan’s Temptation by Richard Gilpin. [1867] – essentially a study on the character and power of Satan.

2. Eight Acrostics on the Bible by George T. Congreve. [1866] – good materials to help teach children in a Sunday school setting concerning the Bible. Many good and simple, yet thought provoking illustrations. Good source for children’s ministry.

3. The Proper Names of the Bible; Their Orthography, Pronunciation, and Signification by Joseph Farrar. [1855] – Highly interesting. I wish at certain points Mr. Farrar would have explained certain conclusions, but unfortunately, he just gave us the product without concerning us with the process by which he came to his definition and findings.

4. Sure of Heaven, A Book for the Doubting and Anxious by Thomas Mills. [1868] – A book that deals with matters of eternal security of the believer, and the assurance of salvation.

5. The Teacher’s Model and the Model Teacher; or Thoughts on the Educational Aspects of our Lord’s Teaching by William H. Groser. [1867] – The book title is axiomatic. But I don't believe the word axiomatic is axiomatic, so, as my dad would say, look it up.

     I have personally downloaded these titles to my Google reader, and I’ll need to whittle away at these books when I get a chance. Well, I’ll make sure to find the time to whittle away at it. Happy book hunting.

Friday, October 02, 2015

The Bible Text Issue

"The Bible Text Issue" by Dr. Don Jasmin (Director of Fundamental Baptist Ministries and Editor to The Fundamentalist Digest) is a treasury of sound and solid defense of the King James Bible, and sermon outlines (with an insistent alliteration style) which are highly useful for any preacher (pastor, missionary, or Bible teacher). Dr. Jasmin brings 64 years of faithful preaching and teaching experience to this book defending the magnificent and faithful translation of God's Holy Word in the English via the King James Bible. Nearly every line is substantiated with Bible verses. The strength of this book is not the author's opinion but rather the Scriptures that validate what the author has observed. The book contains more than 341 pages of fascinating reading materials that is sure to edify the traditional Bible-believer and correct false teaching and opinions of modern version advocates.

The Bible text issue is divided into five sections:

Section One: Major Sermons on the Bible Text Issue
Section Two: Exposal of Modern Translators and Modern Versions from 1881 to Current Age
Section Three: Bob Jones University's Adoption and Promotion of Unreliable Modern Bible Versions
Section Four: A Collection of Articles by Deceased and Living Preachers and Scholars Defending Biblical Preservation and the King James Bible
Section Five: Ecumenism and Bible Translations

"The Bible Text Issue" is spiral bound.

Dr. Jasmin avoids the pitfalls of "double inspiration" theory and that only the "message" is preserved by God as opposed to the actual words. The author champions the Biblical and historical position of the Providential (or Perfect) Preservation view of God's Holy Word. Any student of the Bible will benefit from a careful study derived from this book. Thank you, Dr. Jasmin for your steadfast conviction that God has indeed given us an authoritative Word that is forever settled in Heaven. Thank you for your hard work in putting such a book like this in writing. May we value His Word as our finest treasure on earth.

P.S. Dr. Jasmin has also authored several other titles including "Great Doctrines of the Faith," "Quotes and More Quotes," "Manual in the School of Prayer," and many more, not to mention forthcoming titles.

You may contact Dr. Jasmin at 989-873-4778 or click on their website at

Friday, August 21, 2015

Two Gospel tracts to consider

If you are like me then you are always on the look out for good Gospel tracts to use for personal soul-winning or evangelism. I looked up and submitted two articles that became Gospel tracts. You can access them here and here. One is called "Saving Faith" and the other is "Calvary's Darkest Hours." I trust that these would be something useful and I look forward to submitting a couple more articles in the near future, Lord willing. Take a look and tell me what you think. Be well!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Independent Baptist bookstores to consider

Here are some online Independent Baptist bookstores that are worth looking into. Happy book hunting!

Bible Baptist Church Publications, Cromwell, CT

Bible Baptist Church Publications, Oak Harbor, WA

Bible For Today

Challenge Press-Book Haven

Evangelist Ted Alexander Bookstore

Fairhaven Baptist Church Bookstore

Hope Biblical Counseling Bookstore

Independent Baptist Books/

Local Church Bible Publishers

Mercy & Truth Ministries

Pillar and Ground Publishing

Starr Publications

Tabernacle Bookshop

Way of Life Bookstore

Also if your church (assuming that it is a New Testament, Bible-based, Baptist church) has a book table, or a bookstore, or a smaller type of a bookstore that would be a good place to find some worth while reading materials, no doubt. If you know of any good online Baptist bookstores for me to consider, please feel free to recommend them in the comments sections (heads up: any ones I disagree with won't be posted though, just saying). Be well.