Friday, June 21, 2013

Keys to Discerning the Will of God

This image is the Kindle version of this book
Douglas Hammet, former senior pastor of Lehigh Valley Baptist Church, Lehigh Valley, PA and is now serving the Lord as a Missionary to Botswana, South Africa has put together an extremely useful and practical book on finding God's will.  The subtitle is: "Unlocking the door to wise and godly decisions."  God's will is such a vital topic because God does have a perfect will for everyone!  I really love the first key "Trust the God of the Plan."  The following chapters are just loaded with practical insights and Bible solutions to seemingly difficult situations that believers face in attempting to find or discern God's will.  168 pages of good reading material!  You may place an order by contacting Challenge Press at 610-965-4700 or visit their website at Also, you can go to and purchase the Kindle edition.  One more information, if you don't know it yet, you can also follow Douglas Hammet on Twitter ().

Table of Contents:

Key One - Trust the God of the Plan
Key Two - Avoid Diabolical Deceptions
Key Three - Obey the Clear, Revealed Will of God
Key Four - Go Forward in Faith
Key Five - Use the Sound Mind Principle

Published by Challenge Press (C) 2008, soft cover, 168 pages.