Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Trinity

"The Trinity: A Classic Study of Biblical Trinitarianism" by Edward H. Bickersteth.  This was a tough but absolutely rewarding read.  I have never come across a book that outlined in great detail the glorious truths about the essence, unity, distinctions and relationships between the Godhead.  Bickersteth wrote not only with depth of knowledge but with a spirit of evangelistic zeal.  His concern for his reader's soul is throughout his work.  Somewhere back in the late 1800s and in the church of England there still remained a witness for Bible truth with a soul-winning fire and Bickersteth's work is a case in point.

Foreword by Walter Wilson
1.  What Study the Trinity?
2.  Our Confidence in God the Creator
3.  Our Confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ
4.  Deity of Jesus Christ Coequal with the Father
5.  The Saviour's Condescension to Exalt Us
6.  Coequal Godhead:  Holy Spirit, Father and Son
7.  Assurance of the Trinity
Scripture Index

ISBN: 0825423945
Publisher: Kregel Publications
(C) 2000, Paperback, 182 pages of thick reading.
Roman numerals are supplied in the back to assist us who have a hard time remembering what "L" is in that numeric system.  (WOW! am I so glad for the Hindu-Arabic numbering system).