Saturday, November 30, 2013

My 2013 Christmas Book Wish List

This year, mainly due to the nature of my missionary deputation ministry, I would like to say that an Amazon/Kindle gift card or a Google Play gift card would be most appreciated.  I would purchase books with it by the following authors (no particular order): Peter Masters, Douglas Wilson, Joel Beeke, D.A. Carson, Tedd Tripp, David Cloud, Mark Jones, David Murray, just about any classic Puritan divine, and so on and so forth.  So you can see there's no end to the possibilities of authors and books via electronic means.  Having said that, there are some books that I wish to have but are not (oddly enough) in electronic format (which is a crying shame - - for real, people, this is 2013 you know, and soon to be 2014 - but I digress).  As usual, the asterisk indicates the books that I really, really, really like. A triple asterisks borders on bibliophile inordinatus, if you think it is superfluous verbiage, it ain't.

1. The God-Centered Preacher by Robert L. Raymond*
2. Voices From the Past by Richard Rushing*
3. To the Seven Churches by Thomas Strouse (available on Dec. 23)
4. Daily Light Devotional by David Olson
5. Help Me pray in one special set of rare ebooks*** - I won't say anything more, but if the right blessings line up, then I know it was meant for me to get.  What I want you to pray.  And pray clear to the end which will be on 12/31/13 (I have a few things in place that will get me within reach of a good deal).

UPDATE: (12/27/13)...well, HO! HO! HO! I have placed a strikethrough on the names and titles that I am acquiring as a result of the blessings that many have given this Christmas.  I am thankful to God and thankful to those who gave...what a blessing! 

UPDATE (01/01/14)...No, I wasn't able to get the one special set of rare books, but at least I tried. There will be plenty of other opportunities all through life, I am sure. Be well!

Monday, November 18, 2013

New Evangelicalism: Its History, Characteristics and Fruit

"New Evangelicalism: Its History, Characteristics and Fruit" by Dr. David Cloud is an outstanding and informative book.  The information in the book contains many time bound facts (names and dates and events relative to the "neo-evangelicalism" movement or spirit, with an excellent treatment on Billy Graham) but it also contains many Scriptural truths and timeless principles refuting the compromise of the aforementioned phenomenon.  Prepare to be enlightened by Dr. Cloud's careful observations and virtually impeccable reporting.  This book is well documented and much needed to provide us with  a truthful context to the current trends in Christendom coming from a staunch independent Baptist fundamentalist.  It takes a whole lot of courage and wisdom to do what Bro. Cloud is doing for the Lord's people in these "last days."


About Way of Life’s eBooks


The History of New Evangelicalism
     The Fundamentalist-Modernist Controversy
     A Rejection of Fundamentalism
     The Old Evangelicalism

The Influence of New Evangelicalism

The Characteristics of New Evangelicalism
     Repudiation of Separatism
     A Love for Positivism
     Exalting Love and Unity above Doctrine
     Inconsistency and Contradiction
     Essentials and Non-essentials
     A Social-Justice Emphasis
     Spiritual Pacifism

The Fruit of of New Evangelicalism
     Apostasy in Doctrine
     Apostasy in Ecumenism
     Apostasy in Christian Living
     Apostasy in Acceptance of Heretics


Published by Way of Life Literature, (C) 2006, soft cover, 197 pages of good reading.  An electronic version of this book is also available (amen!).


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Reformation's Conflict with Rome - Why it Must Continue

Robert L. Raymond is fast becoming one of my favorite writers.  I have read good portions of his "New Systematic Theology" and I am generally pleased with his thoroughness and obvious incessant and untiring labor concerning many theological contours of belief.  He displays almost an encyclopedic array of information which makes his books an excellent read!  Academic but not dead.  This is a good balance.
His book "The Reformation's Conflict with Rome" is succinct but highly informative especially with regards to a truthful assessment concerning the modern rapprochement between two differing bodies of belief systems (faith alone "plus" or "and" good works).
Dr. Raymond represents and promotes a classic protestant and reformed theological position which I am not in agreement with.  But I do believe there is great value and insight in this book.


Foreword by R.C. Sproul
Foreword by Nick Needham
Note to My Readers

The Central Issue Between Us: Paul's Doctrine of Justification by Faith Alone

Rome's Two Fold Authority
   Rome's view of Scripture
   Rome's view of Tradition
   The Papacy and Papal Infallibility
   The verdict of Church History on Rome's Papal Claims

The Apostate Character of Rome's Tradition Concerning Paul's Law-Free Gospel of Justification by Faith Alone
    The Apostolic Fathers and Their Influence
    The Church's Drift into Soteriological Apostasy

Modern Attempts of Rapprochment
    "Evangelicals and Catholics Together"
    "The Gift of Salvation"
    "Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification"

Protestanism's "Alone's" versus Rome's "And's"
    Rome's "And's" in the Accomplishment of the Atonement
    Rome's "And's" in the Application of the Atonement
    Rome's "And's" in Its Ecclesiology
    Rome's "And's" in Its Eschatology

The Conflict Must Continue for the Gospel's Sake!

Appendix: Review of Robert A. Sungenis' "Not by Faith Alone"

Subject Index
Persons Index
Scripture Index

Published by Christian Focus Publications, (C) 2001, soft cover, 155 pages of good reading.