Saturday, November 30, 2013

My 2013 Christmas Book Wish List

This year, mainly due to the nature of my missionary deputation ministry, I would like to say that an Amazon/Kindle gift card or a Google Play gift card would be most appreciated.  I would purchase books with it by the following authors (no particular order): Peter Masters, Douglas Wilson, Joel Beeke, D.A. Carson, Tedd Tripp, David Cloud, Mark Jones, David Murray, just about any classic Puritan divine, and so on and so forth.  So you can see there's no end to the possibilities of authors and books via electronic means.  Having said that, there are some books that I wish to have but are not (oddly enough) in electronic format (which is a crying shame - - for real, people, this is 2013 you know, and soon to be 2014 - but I digress).  As usual, the asterisk indicates the books that I really, really, really like. A triple asterisks borders on bibliophile inordinatus, if you think it is superfluous verbiage, it ain't.

1. The God-Centered Preacher by Robert L. Raymond*
2. Voices From the Past by Richard Rushing*
3. To the Seven Churches by Thomas Strouse (available on Dec. 23)
4. Daily Light Devotional by David Olson
5. Help Me pray in one special set of rare ebooks*** - I won't say anything more, but if the right blessings line up, then I know it was meant for me to get.  What I want you to pray.  And pray clear to the end which will be on 12/31/13 (I have a few things in place that will get me within reach of a good deal).

UPDATE: (12/27/13)...well, HO! HO! HO! I have placed a strikethrough on the names and titles that I am acquiring as a result of the blessings that many have given this Christmas.  I am thankful to God and thankful to those who gave...what a blessing! 

UPDATE (01/01/14)...No, I wasn't able to get the one special set of rare books, but at least I tried. There will be plenty of other opportunities all through life, I am sure. Be well!

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