Thursday, July 04, 2013

The Book that Made Your World

Vishal Mangalwadi's book is a fascinating read! This book is a survey of how the West (and really the world itself) was greatly shaped by the Bible and Christianity. TBTMYW serves as a great reminder that in order for God to continue to bless America, we must return to the basic principles of faith, hope and charity. I couldn't put the book down. Mangalwadi's knowledge of culture, history and Scripture is magnificent! He truly is "India's foremost Christian intellectual."

Prologue: Why This Journey into the Soul of the Modern World?

Part I:  The Soul of Western Civilization
1. The West Without Its Soul: From Back to Cobain

Part II:  A Personal Pilgrimage
2.  Service: Or a Ticket or Jail?
3.  Quest:  Can Blind Men Know the Elephant?
4.  Self: Am I Like a Dog or God?

Part III: The Seeds of Western Civilization
5.  Humanity:  What is the West's Greatest Discovery?
6.  Rationality:  What Made the West a Thinking Civilization?
7.  Technology:  Why Did Monks Develop It?

Part IV:  The Millennium's Revolution
8.  Heroism:  How Did A Defeated Messiah Conquer Rome?
9.  Revolution:  What Made Translators World Changers?

Part V:  The Intellectual Revolution
10.  Languages:  How Was Intellectual Power Democratized?
11.  Literature:  Why Did Pilgrims Build Nations?
12.  University:  Why Educate Your Subjects?
13.  Science:  What Is Its Source?

Part VI:  What Made the West the Best?
14.  Morality:  What Are Some Less Corrupt?
15.  Family: Why Did America Surge Ahead of Europe?
16.  Compassion:  Why Did Caring Become Medical Commitment?
17.  True Wealth:  How Did Stewardship Become Spirituality?
18.  Liberty:  Why Did Fundamentalism Produce Freedom?

Part VII:  Globalizing Modernity
19.  Mission:  Can Stone Age Tribes Help Globalization?
20.  The Future:  Must the Sun Set on the West?

Appendix:  The Bible: Is It a Fax from Heaven?
With Gratitude
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Published by Thomas Nelson, (C) 2011, Soft cover, 442 pages of good reading.