Saturday, August 26, 2006

Charen's dynamic duo...

"Useful Idiots" subtitle: "How Liberals Got It Wrong in the Cold War and Still Blame America First." This book is an eye opener. Somewhat made me upset at the way some people take for granted the freedoms others fought for, and bashing our country. Mona Charen pulls from a lot of sources to put together this book, what a tremendous book. I like the way she writes, and the vocabulary words are scattered around so it does not necessarily make her work 'esoteric' but highly challenging and engaging. Anyone who reads this book is going to get an education and a half about the truth concerning America and Western Civilization's victory of Communism and why none dare call it victory.

The second book is similar although it is on the domestic side of things. "Do-Gooders" "How Liberals Hurt Those They Claim to Help." Talk about an eye-opener, every page of this book sheds tremendous light on why the liberal agenda is really self-defeating. No excuse zone - just plain facts. She, again, pulls from many sources, and stats to prove her point. And what can I say, you can't argue against the facts and expect to win. (P.S. - I am currently reading this book, and I really like the way Mrs. Charen writes, what an accomplished writer!)

Useful Idiots (c) 2003-2004 Perennial (Harper-Collins) - The Hardback edition is published by Regnery Publishing (c) 2003

Introduction: None Dare Call It Victory
Chapter 1: The Brief Interlude of Unanimity on Communism
Chapter 2: The Consensus Unravels
Chapter 3: The Bloodbath
Chapter 4: The Mother of All Communists: American Liberals and Soviet Russia
Chapter 5: Fear and Trembling
Chapter 6: Each New Communist is Different
Chapter 7: Post-Communist Blues


"Do-Gooders" (c) 2004 Published by SENTINEL Penguin Group
Chapter 1: Judge Not - How Liberalism Created the Crime Wave
Chapter 2: Stoking Fear and Hatred In the Name of Racial Sensitivity
Chapter 3: The Promise of Compassion; The Reality of Degredation through Welfare
Chapter 4: Rewarding the Worst Families and Discouraging the Best
Chapter 5: The "Grate" Society - How Liberalism Created Homelessness
Chapter 6: The Liberal War on Rigor and Patriotism in America's Classrooms
Partial Bibliography
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