Thursday, May 25, 2006

I Will Build My Church

"I Will Build My Church" by Dr. Thomas Strouse subtitled: "The Doctrine and History of Baptists" is an excellent summary of the various doctrinal distinctions the Baptists have held to since the start of the New Testament church. Dr. Strouse has written other books, however this one seems to me an easier read in comparison to his other works. Not only did he do a great job summarizing doctrinal 'essentials' that have been abandoned in the name of "Fundamentalism", but he also summarizes movements that are characteristically Baptists and therefore provides his readers with the historical heritage of Christ's churches. 201 pages, softcover, and loaded with great bibliographical information for further study. Dr. Strouse has certainly demonstrated in this book the truth of Christ's words regarding His church: "and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

Table of Contents:

Introductory Essay

I. My Church in Matthew
II. My Church in Acts and the Epistles
III. My Church in the Ante-Nicene Era
IV. My Church in the Medieval Era
V. My Church in the Reformation Era
VI. My Church in the Modern Era


I. The 19th Century Baptists, Bible Translations and Bible Societies
II. The Soma Christou
III. The Life and Teaching of Micheal Sattler