Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Gospel According to Rome

"The Gospel According to Rome" by James G. McCarthy. Romanism is a very decietful religion. It reeks with formalism, and heresy. Part of the complexity of dealing with Roman Catholicism is that its 'official' teachings change. That being true, it is also difficult because many who are in the religious machenery are not even aware of it's various teachings. What makes McCarthy's book special is that it is a response to the Catholic church's "Cathechism of the Catholic Church." It is also revealing as far as facets of Catholic theology. The book has two beginnings to help flesh out the various aspects of Romanism. The first is the story of "Joseph" a new born baby (born into "The Church"). The second is the story of a 23 year old 'convert' named "Rosa" (some one from the outside looking to join "The Church" after being led by a worker in an 'evangelistic crusade' (I bet I could guess which Crusade this could happen in- but I won't except to say "Billy"). 397 pages along with Scripture Index as well as Subject Index (which is helpful). Good 'end notes' section. It also has helpful appendices (A-E). Published by Harvest House Publishers. Extremely helpful and insightful.
Part 1: Salvation
Part 2: The Mass
Part 3: Mary
Part 4: Authority

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