Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sound Music or Sounding Brass

"Sound Music or Sounding Brass" subtitle: "The Issue of Biblically Godly Music" by Pastor Kent Brandenburg. This is an excellent book on the topic of music that I believe would be a blessing and a help for students of the Word to consider reading to get a good dose of Bible teaching on music. Certainly one of the finest books on music available in the ever so small world of Independent Baptist books.


Chapter 1 - Why Biblically Godly music is so controversial?
Chapter 2 - The Direction of Biblically Godly music - excellent point! a great reminder.
Chapter 3 - The Content of Biblically Godly music
Chapter 4 - The Purpose of Biblically Godly music - a very important chapter.
Chapter 5 - The Acts of Worshipping
Chapter 6 - Principles for Discerning Godly music
Chapter 7 - The Singers and Players of Biblically Godly music
Chapter 8 - Dealing with the Arguments Against Biblicalle Godly music
Chapter 9 - The Philosophical Basis For Not Having or Using Biblically Godly music
Chapter 10 - The Relationship Between Popular Culture and Biblically Godly music
Chapter 11 - Some Dangers with not Using, Singing, or Playing Biblically Godly music
Chapter 12 - The Benefits of Using, Singing, or Playing Biblically Godly music
Chapter 13 - Applications for Biblically Godly music
Chapter 14 - Separation and Biblically Godly music
Chapter 15 - Dress or Appearance as it Relates to Biblically Godly music
Chapter 16 - Warnings Concerning Biblically Godly music
Chapter 17 - Standards in the Church for Biblically Godly music
Chapter 18 - A Succint Summary of Biblically Godly music

Scriptural and Topical Index

The Dr. did a great job compiling and expounding on many Scriptures as well as providing to his readers many princinples derived from the Bible and not to mention the book also provides sections of practical ideas for musicians and pastors. 253 pages of good reading. ISBN:0-7388-5254-6; Published by Xlibris Corporation (2001). I do hope there will be other editions in the near future.

Thank you Pastor B, a book of this magnitude must have taken great time to get it into our hands.


Anonymous said...

i happen to know pastor b and i think he is a great person but i disagree with him and his Church's stance on contemporary Christian music. i haven't read the book but i was rejected from going to his school because my Church sung contemporary Christian songs. i believe there is no such thing as Christian music. i see it as music with Christian lyrics. i know music has been used for evil but it doesn't mean it shouldn't be used for good. let me give you an example, pastor has used a book to explain the controversy of Christian music; as we all know, books have been used for evil, so would it be right for me to say that the writing of pastor's book is wrong because books have been used for evil? let me know what you guys think about my comments.

Bill Hardecker said...

Hello Anonymous,

First I wish you were'nt anonymous...I appriciate you asking a question and commenting but how can you expect any one to genuinely help you if you do not come out and say who you are?


Music is either morally good or bad. Even the unregenerate muscicians agree that rock and rap emotes sensuality. The only ones denying this are Christians who want the world's music in worship. As different as light is from darkness - so is godly music from ungodly music. "And what concord hath Christ and Belial?" (2 Cor. 6:15).