Friday, September 14, 2007

Dr. John R. Rice

Dr. Rice was an itinerant evangelist and founder of the Sword of the Lord, a Christian newspaper, and publishing company, among many other things. I do not endorse everything Dr. Rice taught, but so much of what he taught really captivates my heart and stirs me up to be a better Christian. From the time I first read his books I always knew that Dr. Rice was a special man. These are some of his books and booklets that I would recommend to you. Read on!

This book is a classic on prayer. It is called "Prayer, Asking and Receiving." It is somewhat redundant, but you will not be board with it. Replete with Bible verses that teaches on the importance of prayer and the sin of prayerlessness, etc. I have loaned this book out to one of our new converts, so when I get it back, I will list out the outlines and chapters of this book.

This is a great little booklet on the subject of Baptism. Dr. Rice explains with great simplicity the meaning and importance of baptism and refutes the idea of pardon through baptism or what theologians call "Baptismal Regeneration."

This is a soft cover pamphlet on the topic of Hell. Many people are denying the most basic Bible truth of eternal retribution. This is a classic by Dr. Rice.

This booklet has some amazing observations. Lots of things about the Millennial reign of Christ, which I don't read a lot about, but absolutely intriguing.

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