Saturday, October 11, 2008

Crescendos and Diminuendos - Meditations for Musicians and Music Lovers

I saw this book while I was browsing a Christian bookstore. They had a shelf dedicated to Church Music. This was tucked away in the back since the store double shelved the books to save space.

Anyway, this book is authored by Jack Coleman (1920-1985) who taught music on all levels, and served as music supervisor for the Santa Ana Unified School District, and a coordinator of music for Orange County Superintendent of Schools in Southern California. He worked as an educational director for Walt Disney Music Company.

This book takes those Italian accent markings and succinctly defines them and then he makes some really neat spiritual applications to the Christian life. He also includes relevant Bible passages. Just as a note he uses other translations than the KJV.

It is softcover, 117 pages of good stuff, published by Baker Books. ISBN 10: 0-8010-6836-3

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