Monday, October 10, 2011

Disciplines for New Believers

"Disciplines for New Believers" is an eight week devotional booklet with a special emphasis on Baptist Distinctives (beliefs that are exclusive to Baptists).  It also features a recommended reading resources page for further study and a Basic Bible study references page for the beginning student of the Bible.

Currently, I only have an electronic version of this booklet.  Hopefully, in the near future, I will be able to get this in an actual print format.

Table of Contents:

Week 1     More about God’s Word                           
Week 2     More about God                                        
Week 3     More about Salvation                                
Week 4     More about the Church                              
Week 5     More about Baptism and Communion      
Week 6     More about Prayer                                     
Week 7     More about Spiritual Warfare                    
Week 8     More about Serving the Lord                    

BTW, I hate formatting books for e-publishing.  I have tried several different platforms (Word, pdf, mobi, epub, txt, etc.) and softwares (Mobipocket Creator, and Calibre) but when I upload the document, it just gets messed up somewhere or there.  I drives me batty, and I will not spend any more time with this.

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