Friday, May 16, 2014

Sacred Betrayal

     This book has been re-titled: "Sacred Betrayal: The Coming Destruction of the Baptist People."
     The late Pastor James Beller has to be applauded for covering or rather uncovering much historical information which champions
the humble yet strong proponents of religious liberty and Biblical convictions rooted among the Baptist people. This book is only 122 pages, historical and yet it isn't a cumbersome read. Pastor Beller covers three major issues in this book: The Ancient Ancestry (refuting the "spiritual kinship view" promoted by Whitsitt). The Revival Heritage (contrasting the Evangelical Alliance Fundamentalist revivals, and refuting "catholic-reformed" Reconstructionism). And The American Principles (exciting information on how and who influenced our founding fathers towards political and religious freedom for all). The epilogue of the book covers three important clarifications: David Barton's Omissions, Theocracy, Antichrist and the Coming Destruction of the Baptist People, and Repairing America through Her Principles of Liberty. 
     I gave this book 5 stars on the review site for the gravity of the topic and the excellent manner which the late Pastor did his work. This book also comes with 6 pages of helpful index. I do regret that this isn't in electronic format, at least for now.

You may purchase a copy by calling: 314-606-7326 or online at Amazon or Challenge Press
(c) 2005; ISBN: 978-0-9668766-4-2.

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