Monday, December 17, 2018

Recommendations for Personal Devotional Readings

(These recommendations are arranged in no particular order)

The Poor Man’s Morning and Evening Portions by Robert Hawker

               “There is always such a savor of the Lord Jesus Christ in Dr. Hawker that you cannot read him without profit.” (C.H. Spurgeon on Hawker in Commenting and Commentaries). There’s just no better description of Hawker’s writings and this devotional delivers just that. The earliest publication that I could find was in 1845. No doubt there are several editions available whether in print or online. Hawker was an ordained Anglican priest, but his devotional surpasses the spirituality of contemporary Protestantism. It is a great thing that the “Enlightenment” bore zero influence over his writings. I doubt very many devotionals, if any, could ever match Hawker’s Christ-centered meditations.

Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon

                Need I say more? Originally written to aid in the family altar, this devotional was first published in 1865.  “Morning by Morning,” and “Evening by Evening” were two separate books but thankfully, they are combined, and some editions are even updated for an easier reading experience. Spurgeon was a Particular Baptist pastor, and prolific writer. His devotional is very similar to Hawkers and is just as spiritually enriching.

Voices from the Past Vol. 1 by Richard Rushing

                Rushing has done a masterful job compiling materials from 23 Puritans. He edited and arranged their writings for a daily devotional reading. Here is a modern masterpiece (published in 2009 by Banner of Truth) of great meditations from those who sought to “purify the Church of England.” I have not read the sequel but if it is like the treasury of vol. 1, I have no reason to think it would disappoint.

Daily Light (New Testament readings) and Morning Light (Old Testament readings) by Dave Olson

                Olson’s works are extremely helpful for every Christian. Both devotionals are loaded with practical insights that edify the believer towards godliness. The recommended Bible reading portions built into the devotionals will allow the reader to read through the Bible in proportion throughout the year. It is published by Dave Olson is an independent Baptist, and he serves the missions director at Fairhaven Baptist Church, Chesterton, IN. He also teaches in the church’s Bible College.

The Two Year Bible Reading Plan by Jeff Voegtlin

                Jeff Voegtlin's Two Year Bible reading plan infuses a great daily dose of the O.T. and N.T. in a paragraph format with minor editing for ease of reading. Besides reading online, anyone can receive an email feed of this reading plan by signing up on his website (click on the Reading tab). Jeff Voegtlin is an independent Baptist, and serves as Associate Pastor of Fairhaven Baptist Church, Chesterton, IN and Dean of Education in the church's Bible College.

Flowers from a Puritan’s Garden by Charles Spurgeon

                This book is a storehouse of both spiritual and practical instructions cloaked in word-pictures or illustrations. Spurgeon would read Thomas Manton's sermons and other writings and be constantly struck with his "solid, sensible instruction forcibly delivered." And beside Manton's highlighted excerpts, the Prince of Preachers would add his own thoughts, making this Puritan Paperback a double-masterpiece. It is illustrations, meditations, prayers, admonitions, exhortations that provide so much reflection as multifarious as a well-kept garden. Originally published back in 1883 but re-published and edited for ease of reading in 2017 by the Banner of Truth.

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