Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Biblical Strategies for Witness

"Biblical Strategies for Witness" by Dr. Peter Masters is a must read if you are interested in learning how to be effective in the vital area of being a personal witness for the Lord Jesus Christ.  Essentially, this book takes a closer look at how the Lord Jesus dealt with a variety of needs and types of people that need the Gospel.  The ideas presented in the book are simple but profound.  I do not want to give to much of a description about the book as to spoil the potential reader.  I have greatly benefited from this in ways like being challenged concerning becoming a personal witness, I have been reminded that the Word of God is still the best (really the only) remedy for the needs of people, I like how Dr. Masters takes a simple verse and opens up the spiritual and pastoral potential of that verse and how it directly relates to a clear Gospel presentation.  This book is both a challenging and enriching read.

Table of Contents:
1. Inspiring and Maintaining Personal Witness
2. God Really Does Use Instruments
3. Touching the Raw Nerve
4. Strategies for Different Kinds of Unbeliever
5. The Ignorant and Indifferent Person
6. The Self-Righteous Person
7. The Self-Interested Person
8. The Convinced Atheist
9. Prepared for Questions

ISBN: 1-870855-18-3
Publisher: Wakeman Trust, London (You can order this book through Christian Book Distributors here in the US)
(C) 1994, Paperback, 154 pages of provocative reading.

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