Friday, September 07, 2012

The Rock of our Salvation

William S. Plumer (1759-1850) was an American, Baptist, lawyer, and statesman (NH Senator and later NH Governor).  His book The Rock of our Salvation is an excellent and concise survey of the person, character, sufferings, offices, and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Some of Plumer’s interpretation of Scripture reflects a reformed view (ex. chapter 19 – Christ on the Judgment-Seat portrays a mixture of both the saints rewarded and sinners condemned).  A reformed view of Scripture is wrong because it convolutes the truth by interpreting the Bible allegorically.  Nevertheless, Plumer’s work stands as a magnificent survey of Christology.

Table of Contents:
1                     Christ All in All
2                     The Divinity of Christ
3                     The Sonship of Christ
4                     The Incarnation of Jesus
5                     The Messiahship of Jesus
6                     Christ the Mediator
7                     Christ a Prophet
8                     The Priesthood of Christ
9                     Christ a King
10                 Christ’s Humiliation
11                 General Views of the Christ’s Work
12                 Redemption by Christ
13                 The Atonement
14                 The Folly of Objecting to the Atonement
15                 Christ’s Resurrection
16                 Christ’s Ascension and Session at God’s Right Hand
17                 Christ in Heaven
18                 Christ’s Personal Absence from this World
19                 Christ on the Judgment-Seat
20                 Christ a Physician
21                 The Gentleness of Christ
22                 Christ Shall Yet Have a Glorious Reward
23                 The Gospel of Christ is Hid from Some
24                 The Sin and Danger of Not Believing in Christ
25                 The Reproach of Christ
26                 Conclusion

The edition that I read was a 2012 Kindle edition.  The Rock of our Salvation was first published in 1867.  This book is also available in hardcover.  Thus, for this review it is 414 KB of good reading. :-)

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